Manufacturing Unit

We are a quality system for our manufacturing unit which makes us pioneers in providing better quality phytoextract product to our clients for other product requirements. Quality agreement and other processes which are a requirement for a smooth momentum of a manufacturing facility are maintained and complied. The research and development unit in our facility are utilized to test the product safety. Our suppliers of raw material also follow the Ethical code of conduct that are laid down by the FDA congruently produce an effective cutting edge finished product.

We specialize in cutting edge technology manufacturing sectors such as naturally extracted plant products that are used for varied biopharmaceuticals, plasma-derived biological research, and cell culture media, filling capsules and working as a secondary active ingredient or a precursor, vaccines and other biologically-based diagnostics place which require quality and purity.

Manufacturing phytoextract products in our facility involves many discrete unit operations and activities, which are followed by our very dedicated staff. It is our promise to create a better living and healthier world by giving the best products available.

Procedures delineating the controls over sampling and testing samples have been established in the Quality Agreement to provide guidance to our technical team. Methods used to both test the product and to test the finished product are validated and have been transferred appropriately. Laboratory equipment used in the manufacturing facility and research sites follow CGMP certified equipment that are qualified, calibrated, and maintained in a controlled environment with the primary responsibility resting on the Quality control Analyst.

The guidance that we follow describes our current thinking on defining, establishing, and documenting the responsibilities that we lay on our suppliers and third party involved in the manufacturing of drugs with the subject to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP). In particular, we lay guidelines in the product manufacturing and describe how parties that are involved in the facility of preparing of drugs can follow and utilize Quality Agreements to delineate the responsibilities and assure drug quality, safety, and efficacy to the clients.